Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My First Blog Post!

Hello Everyone, or No one! My name is Casey and I'm a Vegan, yeah I know what you're thinking there are way too many vegan blogs out there. Well I don't care :) In my blog I'll talk about what I eat and my journey into veganism, also my hobbies and pretty much anything that I feel like posting about.

Firstly lets start with what I ate for the past few days!

Breakfast on Saturday was a bowl of Kashi Strawberry Fields Cereal with a glass of Carrot Juice and Tazo Awake Tea. Strawberry Fields has become one of my favorite cereals, I saw it at the grocery store last weeks and just had to try it.

Lunch was an incredible Thai Tempeh Wrap from Chinook Cafe. YUM... its my favorite thing to eat there. The only thing I don't like about Chinook is that they now use styrofoam containers instead of the plastic ones they used to use, but regardless they have good healthy food.
I also had vegetarian Split Pea soup! The wrap also came with yummy pasta salad.

Dinner time I was still kind of full from lunch so I snacked on some grapes and Mary's Gone Crackers (Not Pictured) Also I had a sliced up pink lady apple sprinkled with cinnamon. I also added a dollop of almond butter on top. Almond butter is my new best friend!

Then around 8PM I had one of these bad boys.
Before I became a vegan I absolutely loved ice cream sandwiches and I'm telling you these are 10 times better! So Delicious makes the best products.

Sunday was the baptism of my Nephew Gage Michael-Joseph, I also happen to be the God Mother, which I was very excited about.
Breakfast was two crumpets with organic strawberry jam, a half a grapefruit and a glass of carrot juice. (I love my carrot juice.)

After the baptism there was a BBQ where I ended up eating some tortilla chips and this awesome black bean and corn salad type thingy, it was very similar the this Mexicali mix my stepmother used to make when we were children. I was going to have a vegan burger but the grill guy wasn't very courteous and used the same tongs as the meat. So luckily for me I always come prepared, when you're a vegan you have to.
I packed an Orange, Puffed Bananas, Dried Mangos and a Chocolate Fudge Brownie Pure Bar.

Around dinner I was super hungry. So I thought I would try out Gardeins "BBQ Pulled Pork". I've had there other products but never tried this one, so I though I'd give it a go.
Eww... Looks just like meat!

The finished product.

For dessert I was craving ice cream or a frappe or something. So I made a Cherry Chocolate Frappe!
I used 1 Frozen Banana
A hand full of cherries
Enough Coconut Milk to cover the Cherries
A heaping spoonful of Cocoa

Blend it all up... It reminds me of Cherry Garcia kind of.

Yesterday for breakfast I had...
Another boring breakfast. A bowl of Nature's Path Flax Plus Multibrain, with Berries on the side and of course Carrot Juice. :)

Lunch was thrown together very quickly. My mom and I were heading out to get the oil changed in our cars. Mommy Daughter bonding haha.
An Ezekiel Wrap with Hummus and leftover grilled veggies.
All wrapped up!

After we got back I made a huge discovery in my shed.
KITTENS! Three of the Five Kittens I found. So back up town we went and got supplies. My cat Flower was less than pleased. They're all very scared and kind of feral, hopefully they'll get used to me. Well they have no choice. When they get more comfortable I'll find them homes and maybe keep one or two Hehe.

Snack I had an orange.
For dinner I had two pieces of Ezekiel Sprouted Grain bread with Earth Balance and sliced Tomatoes under the broiler, with British Baked Beans and Kale.
Dessert was a Bowl of Cherries and a So Delicious Ice Cream Sandwich.
Hooray! That was my first post. If you did happen to read this I hope I didn't bore you too much. It will get better I promise.

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